My Tweetwheel (or “why social networking matters”)

My Tweetwheel

This week at Learning with Computers, Ana Ma. Menezes is helping us all learn about “Microblogging with Twitter“. She’s a great facilitator, and despite my limited availabilities I’ve felt eager to give this issue some minutes… Somebody either in this community or at Webheads in Action had mentioned Tweetwheel, and I gave it a try. You can see the result above (click on the image to see the original page, and hover on any “friend” to see how many friends we have in common). I’m currently following 81 people, mostly EFL teachers, all of them usually twittering about EFL teaching and sharing useful resources. I guess I needn’t explain how this does away with the isolation of traditional f2f teaching in the classroom, and how it maximizes opportunities for professional development with like-minded colleagues!

(gladysbaya on Twitter)

8 thoughts on “My Tweetwheel (or “why social networking matters”)

  1. Hi Glady,

    That’s good of you to start this first posting about Tweetwheel. I’ve also given it a try and made some screenshots of it. It really sounds and looks as an amazing tool. Ana Maria has been non-stop hard worker in the net all this time. She’s been exploring so many wonderful resources and tools I am hardly can follow all of them. She is really great!
    Take your time and don’t lurk too long, drop by to enjoy these weeks with us.

  2. Gladys, this is just way too cool!
    What a connected society we are moving around in.
    Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to do this with f2f friends too, and then compare? I bet it wouldn’t be nearly as tight knit as this wheel is 🙂

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  4. Thanks for stepping by, Christian! There’s a picture of My Tweetwheel posted at the top of my article indeed (direct link to picture included in this comment, hope it helps). You mean you can see no pictures in my blog at all??? Wonder why that is… 😕

  5. Looks like you missed my reply to your comment on Jan 28, Christian, and my email to you. One last try to share my RSS address with you. It’s for Entries, and for comments… Got that? I hope so!

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